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We Are The Best Stock Split Service

Unlike other newsletters, we address stock splits as a primary way of making a living in the stock market. As such, our strategies are focused on the profitable playing of stock splits. That is very different from playing earnings announcements, breakouts, breakdowns, and other forms of trading. Not that we do not take advantage of those strategies while we are in the period of time ahead of forecast announcement dates; indeed, such strategies can prove to be quite useful under certain market conditions. However, when it comes time to play the stock split, our technique is very specialized and has been developed through years of anticipating stock split announcements. Many other stock split services, in fact all that we have seen (many such services no longer exist! ... gone with the dot com bomb ... we've been issuing our report since 1998!), trade potential stock split announcement candidates no differently from any other trade. In fact, they often advise their subscribers to be out of a trade at the very time some of the greatest, fastest gains can be made.

We do it differently, and use a methodology that gives much more opportunity to profit. There is an old adage that you do not carry a stock or option for a short term play over an earnings announcement. The reason is uncertainty about what the earnings will be; indeed, even if earnings are good investors can still beat up a stock if market sentiment is bad. In a general sense, that is true looking at the universe of stocks. At StockSplits.Net, however, we do not treat all stocks equally when it comes to earnings. We look at the leaders when we are forecasting announcements with earnings.

We don't just throw any play up and hope it sticks. Research, research, personal contacts, and more research go into every play. More than that, we look at the cream of the crop, especially with earnings plays. Our stock split research gives us a big edge in making money, but with earnings, we want even more. We look for the stocks that are the leaders if we are going to step in front of them at earnings time or when the market is less than desirable.

The differences are equally apparent with shareholder meeting plays and board meeting plays. We love to pick up our plays on breakouts of technical patterns. That is why we analyze each pattern every trading day and report to you those that look the best for the upcoming session. That does not mean others are not still solid, just that these are the cream for new or additional entry points. When we get right to the announcement date, however, we shift into 'split' mode, looking to take positions right before the meeting when we see the pattern strengthen intraday. These positions could be in addition to ones we already took on a good technical move earlier, or they could be our first position on the play. These are pure 'split' positions based on our research and contacts. Other services simply put you in or out of the stock based on their version of technical analysis that has nothing really to do with whether a stock split will be announced or not.

When it comes down to it, we play stock splits for profit. We have developed strategies that are tailored to this form of trading. That means we know that sometimes companies are not going to announce a stock split in spite of all of the research and what contacts tell us. Our strategies are designed to give us the opportunity to make money on the news and protect our downside as much as possible, given the nature of the game. Even when we get no announcement from a company we have been able to manage an excellent profit and the stocks, being in great technical patterns, kept running regardless. Playing the cream of the crop gave us some great profits even though no stock splits were announced. Unless you are in an office pool about what stocks will or will not announce stock splits, profit is the name of the game.