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We are excited to offer you a free Stock Split Notification service! By signing up below you will receive an email when significant companies announce a stock split. We will also send you a weekend newsletter which, inter alia, discusses a stock split trading play with our comments on how to play that split the following week.

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I joined your free split notice service last night and you emailed me a split announcement before the bell this morning. I placed a market buy on the open and bought the June call for $1.20. Less than 4 hours later, it is worth $2.05. Thanks for saving ... my faith in online market services ... I sold at $2.65. Over 100% profit in one day.

Details from my etrade account:

  • 04/27 9:31 AM EDT Buy 1 Jun 130 Call @ Mkt ($1.20)

  • 04/28 9:40 AM EDT Sell 1 Jun 130 Call @ Mkt ($2.65)


    John Alexander

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