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"Just want you guys to know I am an independent stockbroker and you have helped me very much the past year.........keep up the good work." Mike

"Not often do I get the chance to honestly thank someone for a good or service that I pay for, but this service is an exception. . . . I have learned a great deal about the markets in general and about myself (personality manifested in trading style, discipline etc...). Again thanks for helping me become a better trader!" Very best regards, Gil Bridges
"After spending 12 years as a broker for a major firm I was confident I could handle this market and trade for a living. Well, with the market in the condition its been for the last 6 months or so I managed to dwindle away my savings to 5,000 dollars. I had dusted off my resume, sent my suits to the cleaners and was on my way back to pound the phones.

Then (almost 6 months too late) I stumbled across your site and figured why not! I'm broke already and desperate to not have to enter the work force again. I followed your ideas to the tee. Obviously with small amounts at first but I have not lost 1 penny since doing so, and have managed to nickel and dime myself back into a comfort level. Now the purchases are getting bigger and so are the profits. This site is top notch and a life saver...

P.S. There are a couple of very nice suits at the dry cleaners if anybody wants them....I dont need them :) Thanks guys."
M. A. Gaxiola

"Just reviewing my accounts for 2004. I want to say to Jon and everyone on the SSR staff, THANK YOU for a great 2004! Retirement accounts up 178% over 2003. And 148% increase in my brokerage account too! I discovered the SSR in March of '04 and can't wait to see the results for an entire year. Looking forward to your educational/inspirational/informative news letter. It is the best money I've spent in a long long time." Brice Smith
"Dear Stock Split Report, Thank you very much for this incredible service that you provide. I have learned so much by reading the reports and better yet I have made alot of money from them. I have been trading options for over 10 years but was not able to consistently make money with them. Now I can. I am up 150% for the year so far. Thank you!!!!!!" Regards, Eric
"... if you ever need a new testimonial, just ask. Since I started a subscription to your service 7 months ago I am up twelve fold." Sincerely, M. Spitzer
"I greatly appreciate the stock split services and am up 200% in the last three months." Thanks, D. Rickford
"Your split report is the greatest. The first month I started using it my monthly earnings jumped from $20,000 to $50,000, the second month to $97,000, and the third to $125,000. What can I say but thank you." MR. AHL
"I've been with your service now for about a year, in fact I found a reference in one of the investment forums that referred me to your site. I just wanted to let you know how much I bless the day I found you ... In less than one year I have made almost 3.5 million dollars which I credit all to your information service. I just wanted to thank you ... Thanks again." L. Zucker
"Thank you for your help.....I am very pleased with your reports, I think they give a most thorough, prudent take on the market -- and not just on splits and the covered call. The last one with a catch up instructional section was very well done. Of all the newsletters I have checked out I find your service has the most information that I actually use. Along with your intelligent commentary it is extremely helpful. This, and the fact that it is delivered directly to my email address where I can check it so conveniently, makes it unbeatable. After your prompt answer to my question yesterday, I now know customer service is great too. You have my vote for one of the better financial web sites available. Thanks Again, Elizabeth H. - Florida -- "PS. I especially like your truthful streak! If you louse up one of your plays, you say so--what you did that you wished you'd done differently and why. I get real sick of all the pundits who, while twisting in the wind, never admit indecision or mistakes, or that they were taken by surprise. I appreciate the struggle of making decisions, and it interests me when you ... show your mind set and just how you go about coming up with your recommendations. That is truly educational for me. Keep up your good work."
"Please note I have changed my email address ... I had problems with aol from overseas. But thanks to you, I am making a fortune ... My broker can't figure out how I can get so much accurate info before him!!!" David J. - Netherland
"Do you like to get unsolicited letters on how great your newsletter is? I'd be glad to write one, I've done very well in less than the 2 months I have been getting Stock Splits Report." Micki
"Thank you for your great reports. I have made more money than I ever have in the last 15 years of investing. You guys really know your stuff. Thanks again," E. Thallmayer
"I want to thank you for the very valuable and helpful advice you have offered me through the SSRs. I feel it is the best $50 I could spend every month and have made much more than that from your tips." Michael O. - Florida
"After watching "stocksplits" for the last couple of months and realizing that you guys knew what you were talking about, I finally decided to step in a little deeper ... thank you, thank you, thank you. My wife has already begun plans for a kitchen remodel and if things keep going like this, maybe we will pay off the mortgage too." Richard H. - Washington
"I really value the advice I recieve from your group. It has been profitable/insightful/educational." Kevin - Georgia
"I have already signed up for the stock-splits ... sold them waaaayyyy to early today, I still made 8k even tho I left another 6k on the table ... so ... I would like to get the covered calls part of the service too." Michael S. - Georgia
"Your info really is fantastic, I am making good profits daily...I have made enough to pay for the service for years to come!!!" John T. - Pennsylvania
"Thanks for the info. My wife and I made a nice little chunk of change on your recommmendations. I would have made more if I had listened to my wife, but I got CHEAP on the amount I invested, if I had invested the full amount my wife told me to as she put it she could have gotten her Lexus 400 this month. So I told her she would just have to settle for a Honda Accord. KICKING MYSELF and my wife is kicking me too ... thanks again for the excellent tips." James - Virginia
"Hi, just want you guys to know that I am really enjoying this SSR. I am beginning to believe that you all walk on water. Keep up the good work." Linda ""A Loyal Follower"" - Conneticut
"Thanks for the tip ... My sister and I bought yesterday morning - and what a day it was! As new 'day traders' we tend to a tepid approach in this crazy trading enviornment. Your newsletter paid off well yesterday ... we made $50,000 profit and still counting. Thanks...." M. Donald, New York
"I just read your last report and I think it is time to thank you ... I am still in college at UCLA ... I started trading exactly a month ago and I already have $13,000 in profits. Thank you so much for your guidance." Oswaldo - California
"... I also know, that you folks, hear this all the time but I have tripled my trading account in the two months since I started with your service.... NO OTHER SERVICE (that I've found) comes close to the nut and bolts that you provide ... Thanks again.... HAVE A GREAT DAY" Starmun
"I subscribed to your service approximately two weeks ago. I wish I would have found you earlier! You report is clearly one of the best investments I have made to date! Since subscribing, I have entered relatively conservative trades with tight profit stops. In two weeks, I have made approximately $46,000 directly off of strategies which I developed from your report. I am certain that I could have made a lot more but, I like to take a lot of small profit positions when a stock runs. ... I am truly a believer in your report! " ... Thanks again for the great report. You truly do your subscribers a great service!" Sincerely, Larry. T. - Arizona